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In the dynamic realms of retail and manufacturing, Orbem sets itself apart with bespoke electrical installation and design services that redefine spaces from the ground up. Tailored specifically for retailers and manufacturers, our hands-on approach to electrical design distinguishes us in the commercial industry.

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Our Bespoke Offering: Designing from Scratch

We take pride in our unique approach to bespoke electrical installations. When consultant or architect-provided drawings aren’t available, we start from scratch. Our team delves into the intricacies of your business environment, advising on the number of circuits needed and how they should be distributed. This hands-on methodology ensures a customised electrical design that aligns with your operational needs.

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Orbem-Bagel Factory lighting

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Drawing Your Vision to Reality

We understand the importance of visualising the result. That’s why we provide detailed drawings, offering you a clear visual representation of the proposed electrical installation before moving forward. This ensures transparency and alignment with your expectations, setting the stage for a flawless execution.

Elevating Aesthetics with Decorative Lighting

For customers seeking not just functionality but a visually stunning ambience, Orbem excels in offering decorative lighting solutions. We understand that some clients may not have a precise vision in mind but aspire to create aesthetically appealing spaces. Our team brings creativity to the table, suggesting and implementing decorative lighting that enhances the overall visual appeal of your retail or manufacturing environment.

  • # Consultation call

    We start the project journey with a comprehensive consultation call. This crucial step allows us to delve into the intricate details of your project, fostering a deep understanding of your specific requirements, goals, and expectations. Through open dialogue and collaboration, we lay the foundation for a tailored approach.
  • # Solutions and Installation

    Our expert team formulates a customised solution tailored to your project requirements. Once the solution is agreed upon, we initiate the installation project, ensuring a seamless transition from planning to the practical implementation of our innovative electrical solutions.
  • # Aftercare and maintenance

    Our commitment extends beyond project completion. We are committed to providing ongoing aftercare and maintenance services. Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of our installations, our team remains actively engaged, providing ongoing support to guarantee the efficiency and reliability of our electrical solutions.

Why Choose Orbem

Innovative Approach: Orbem’s hands-on design process ensures that every electrical installation is crafted with innovation and precision, tailored to your unique needs.


Transparent Communication: Our commitment to transparency is evident in the detailed drawings provided after the bespoke design, ensuring alignment with your expectations.


Aesthetic Excellence: Elevate the ambiance of your space with Orbem’s expertise in decorative lighting, turning your vision of a visually appealing environment into reality.

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