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We Are Orbem,
Specialist Electrical.

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Reliable, Innovative Solutions

Not only do we position ourselves as a trustworthy and dependable partner, ensuring our clients and customers can always rely on Orbem for their electrical requirements, but we’re proud to say that innovation is paramount to us in an ever-changing industry, providing solutions that set us apart from the rest.

Working with you, every step

Our dedication to cultivating long-term partnerships with companies is what sets us apart. We deliver transparency in our operations and communications, ensuring clients and customers have a clear view of processes, timelines, and costs. We work with you from inception to completion and beyond, from design to installation completion to aftercare and maintenance.

Our values centre around you.

Adopting a modern approach to client relationships, we recognise and address the individual requirements and preferences of each client and customer. However, three core values define us and hold us accountable for delivering our end-to-end solutions:

You will experience our progressive approach to our services, and our forward-thinking mindset keep us ahead of industry trends.

You can confidently count on Orbem to deliver on promises, meet deadlines, and provide solutions that consistently meet expectations.

You will receive durable, efficient, and innovative electrical solutions that reflect a standard of excellence that builds trust, satisfaction, and a lasting impact.

A new beginning.

Our clients have been choosing us for our capabilities for years. Previously known in the commercial world under the still-trading brand Instaspark, we’ve earned the trust of major companies and brands across a wide range of industries. Through years of creating tailor-made electrical solutions in the commercial sector, it was time for a rebrand, and we couldn’t be more excited.


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Our Client Services

Orbem offer a full range of commercial and industrial electrical services for business across the UK.

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Starting your project couldn’t be more simple, regardless of what stage you’re at. Reach out to us, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a consultation call.