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Sim Fit-Out

Orbem-Bagel Factory lighting works

The Client

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SIM Fit-Out, Transforming Interiors.

SIM Fit-Out is a fit-out contractor, with a 5 million annual turnover, working predominately in the retail, hospitality, and sports sectors. They have 20 staff so rely on unrivalled relationships with logistical partners and expert contractors when working on large commercial projects. 

The challenges

SIM was actively looking for a reliable, innovative, and solution-centric commercial electrical contractor, after finding it increasingly difficult to get transparency from others in the sector, specifically around pricing and job project expectations. Iain Wardlaw, Managing Director at SIM explains:

“Contractor reliability has been an issue in the industry for years, and unfortunately in more cases than not, this sets a low benchmark when it comes to job completion, communication, and quality of work. In the past, we’ve been let down by contractors more times than I care to think about. You do start to lose faith in the industry and wonder if you’re able to continue to meet the demands of reputable companies and brands whom we’re lucky enough to call clients.

Frustratingly, when you find a decent one, often they only accept jobs within a set geographical radius from their base, and the ones that are happy to travel would soon exaggerate the costs of travel expenses. Finding a contractor with the breadth of coverage to meet our demands, whilst also being fair and honest with expenses is one of my main motivators.”

Finding the right ‘fit’

Iain approached us over 12 months ago after hearing about Orbem’s reputation. On initially speaking with Iain, it was evident that having a clear outline of how work is conducted was imperative to him. The professionalism in how their chosen logistical partners prepare and deliver jobs had to match SIM ‘s values to ensure end client satisfaction and continuous working relationships. 

After demonstrating the methods and standards we implement when preparing for a job, including O&M manuals issued on completion and job packs, we were excited to be invited to join SIM in their mission to delivering excellent fitouts. 

The Project

“SIM Fit-Out soon put us to the test on a project with one of the biggest household names in confectionery. This was the first time SIM has engaged with specialist electrical experts for this client, so we knew the standards were high”, explains Chris Stott, Orbem Director.

The project scope was extensive, covering everything from supporting SIM with a full electrical fit-out, including LED track lighting, to refitting an entire retail outlet in line with the brand and merchandise guidelines issues to all stores nationwide.

The scheduled 6-week project, as with most projects, had its logistical challenges. However, in working closely with the site contacts and contractors, the project was completed on time, and in full. Delivery information (including but not limited to fire alarm certificates) was provided to SIM with delivery information within 24 hours of job completion, meaning that the retail outlet could trade the next working day, without the store experiencing a delayed opening that may have impacted sales revenue. 

This was the first time SIM has engaged with specialist electrical experts for this client, so we knew the standards were high…

The result

“Completing this high-profile project seamlessly and with glowing feedback from the end client confirms Orbem’s values and expertise. Having a job go so smoothly with a highly respected customer that we at SIM Fit-Out have worked with for a while, now reinforces their trust in my growing company and helps to retain them as a customer in the future. We must credit our collaborative working partnership with Orbem with the success of this recent project. 

The team there is an innovative force, they are not just contractors, but forward-thinking solution curators”, Iain adds.

With exciting opportunities on the horizon, we look forward to working with Iain and the rest of the SIM Fit-Out team in the not-too-distant future.

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