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True Learning Partnership

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The Client

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True Learning Partnership, a Multi Academy Trust.

True Learning Partnership oversees five dedicated schools and is committed to delivering exceptional education. Their primary goal is to improve life opportunities for all, fostering a positive impact on students, staff, parents, and the wider community. With a focus on high-quality education, they prioritise professional development for teachers and collaborate with like-minded schools to create a positive impact in their communities.  

The Challenges

Facing exorbitant electricity bills resulting from outdated lighting systems (T8 & T5 and compact fluorescent) that not only incurred high operational costs, but also featured infamous flickering characteristics of older models. This financial strain was further exacerbated by ever-increasing electricity costs.

Adding to the urgency for a new lighting solution, TLP’s existing lighting systems were to become obsolete as of February 24, rendering their purchase illegal due to energy-saving regulations. The industry-wide shift towards LED lighting not only necessitated compliance but also aligned with broader sustainability goals, including the pursuit of net-zero energy consumption.

Complicating matters, TLP lacked a dedicated electrical contractor supplier, leaving them without warranty coverage and enduring prolonged turnaround times for maintenance tasks. This scenario necessitated a strategic partnership with a reliable and innovative electrical solutions provider. 

Richard Wood, COO at True Learning Partnership explains “The stakeholders, myself included, were focused on addressing these challenges, with a primary objective of reducing both maintenance costs and energy bills. Moreover, aligning with modern standards, we knew that we needed to comply with Unified Glare Rating (UGR) guidelines, a criterion our old existing lighting systems failed to meet.

As well as the technical challenges, a major hurdle for us was finding the right contractor, who could facilitate our working schedule. In the educational sector, we’re limited to onsite workings taking place during school holidays, and around holiday clubs. This means enhanced DBS checks are imperative, as well as seamless communication with my onsite staff.”

…we knew that we needed to comply with Unified Glare Rating (UGR) guidelines, a criterion our old existing lighting systems failed to meet.

The Strategic Partnership: Energy Intelligence’s Insightful Guidance.

At the heart of TLP’s partnership with Orbem is Energy Intelligence, a consultancy specialising in advising businesses on cost-saving measures. With a diverse clientele spanning schools and charities, Energy Intelligence is renowned for its strategic insights. Acting as a consultant for TLP, Energy Intelligence delved into discussions about enhancing TLP’s facilities and identified the need for a trusted partner with expertise in commercial electrical work. Coming out as the top recommended electrical contractor was Orbem.

The Project

We initiated a comprehensive process by conducting a complimentary feasibility survey, deploying our skilled lighting designer to meticulously assess each site. This involved a detailed examination of the existing lighting infrastructure, noting the number of fittings, annual operational costs, and gathering essential data. The aim was to propose a tailored LED retrofit solution, aligned with our commitment to innovation and expertise.

Following the survey, we delivered a detailed report and quotation, presenting not only the proposed LED retrofit solution but also a comprehensive analysis of TLP’s current expenditures and projected savings, including annual savings, CO2 reductions, and the yearly payback.

Upon receiving the green light, our dedicated team embarked on a challenging yet rewarding endeavor across four sites, with the largest featuring a staggering 2,000 light fittings. The project unfolded over a condensed timeframe of five weeks, executed during the six-week summer holidays, seven days a week. Our commitment to reliability and efficiency was reflected in the deployment of five electricians daily, ensuring a swift and seamless transition to the new LED lighting systems.

Recognising the importance of waste reduction in line with WEE regulations, we implemented a comprehensive approach. All disassembled components were meticulously separated on-site, adhering to our waste carriers license, which certifies our commitment to legal compliance. These waste materials, including plastics and cardboard, were then responsibly recycled at our yard.

This multifaceted approach not only showcased our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions but also aligned with Orbem’s core values of innovation, reliability, expertise, and quality. Stay tuned to witness how this transformative partnership unfolded, creating an energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solution for TLP.

The result

“Positive accolades have poured in from all four sites following the successful completion of the project. Teachers have expressed their delight, noting a transformed and vibrant learning environment. Furthermore, the business managers cited a remarkable electricity saving of up to 60%. We really couldn’t be more delighted”, Richard expressed. 

…A Remarkable Electricity Saving Of Up To 60%. We Really Couldn’t Be More Delighted.

In total, Orbem replaced a total of 3,000 light fittings within the stipulated five-week timeframe. This achievement not only attests to our commitment to reliability but also showcases the efficiency inherent in our approach.

TLP can now revel in their satisfaction, knowing they not only have ongoing maintenance support at their disposal but also benefit from a comprehensive 7-year warranty covering all light fittings. This added assurance aligns seamlessly with Orbem’s core values of reliability, expertise, and quality. 

Stay tuned as we continue to illuminate the path for TLP, ensuring a sustained and optimised lighting solution for years to come.

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