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Published February 7, 2024
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Back in 2022 Instaspark was launched, bringing together 15 years of experience and knowledge of specialist electrical services to both domestic and commercial customers across the UK. 

Our clients have been choosing us for our capabilities for years, earning the trust of major companies and brands across a wide range of industries. Through years of creating tailor-made electrical solutions in commercial sectors, we felt the time was right to separate our domestic and commercial businesses. Instaspark is continuing to supply domestic electrical services and Orbem will solely service commercial clients.

Launching Orbem has allowed us to utilise our significant commercial expertise and specialist knowledge to focus solely on the larger, more complex requirements of commercial clients. Rest assured we understand your requirements:

Scope of Work: We understand the requirements that encompass larger, more complex projects and have the unique skills required to complete the work. 

Voltage and Load: Often requiring higher voltage systems to accommodate heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and extensive lighting systems. 

Regulations and Standards: Commercial and industrial standards are more rigorous due to the scale and complexity of the projects. Compliance with safety regulations is crucial in commercial settings.

Standardisation: Commercial electrical work relies on standardised systems to ensure consistency and safety across different parts of a building. Such as uniform wiring, lighting, and power distribution systems.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: With increasing focus on energy efficiency to reduce operational costs and environmental impact we are experienced in LED lighting upgrades, commercial EV charging, and renewable energy solutions.

At Orbem we take a modern approach to client relationships, recognising and addressing the individual requirements and preferences of our clients. However, three core values define us and hold us accountable for delivering our tailored end-to-end solutions: 

Innovation – You will experience our progressive approach, and forward-thinking mindset which keeps us ahead of industry trends. We are proud to say that innovation is paramount to us in an ever-changing industry, providing solutions that set us apart from the rest.

Reliability – You can be confident in Orbem to deliver on promises, meet deadlines, and provide solutions that consistently meet expectations. 

Quality – You will receive durable, efficient, and innovative electrical solutions that reflect a standard of excellence that builds trust, satisfaction, and a lasting impact.

Orbems dedication to cultivating long-term partnerships with companies sets us apart from the competition. With transparency in our operations and communications, we ensure clients and customers have a full clear view of processes, timelines, and costs. 

We work with you from inception to completion and beyond, from design to installation completion to aftercare and maintenance. 

Find out more about some of our recent work, and what our clients have to say about us in our case studies (link to case studies)

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